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“The camera follows Perlinski as he pushes through the crowd, slings the six-string around his neck, and, flanked by bassist Dan Haag and drummer David Harman, begins to roar. ‘Heart on a Wire’ is exactly the sort of song you’d expect to get from a basement: passionate, direct, abrasive, deeply meaningful, and delivered with absolute conviction. All of the independent rock verities are here—sincerity, grit, restless energy, unpretentiousness, insouciance, distortion and drive, and great instrument sounds, too.”


New Noise

Lost Romance deliver some Garden State-style grunge in “Heart on a Wire” that I didn’t even know I needed to hear this season, and while theirs is a bit heavier in tone and presentation than a lot of what you’ll hear on the FM dial this month will be, it’s definitely not devoid of a pop hook. This is a song I think a lot of people can get into regardless of their taste in hard and alternative rock music, which hasn’t been the case for many of this band’s peers in recent times.


Too Much Love

There’s a bit of sizzle on the riffage we come across in the new single “Heart on a Wire” from Lost Romance that reminds me of the proto-grunge era in northwest punk rock, and yet this Jersey City band is about as far away from a throwback unit as it gets. Their aesthetic in this track is steeped in a lot of the same rebellious tendencies Seattle groups had some thirty years ago, but beyond the ferocity of the guitar parts, their sound is very much the product of a post-millennium take on loud, heavy rock that doesn’t get lost in the bitterness of self-absorbed poetry.


Indie Shark

One of the most obvious differences between contemporary mainstream rock and that of the past is the absence of the dirty, nonconformist element of danger once responsible for getting rockers banned from the radio and their output branded with ‘Parental Advisory’ stickers. While I’m not saying that Lost Romance are reviving the explicit side of the rock aesthetic in their new single and music video “Heart on a Wire,” you’d be hard-pressed to find another band exhibiting the adrenaline of the genre’s legends quite as well as they are today. They’re still getting their feet wet as a group, but overall, they’ve made me a little more excited about what’s in store for 2021.


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